Operations Team

The fact is, without our operations team, we wouldn't be in operation. 

External Operations: This side of the business is where the rubber meets the road and where we make immediate impressions as to whether our guests choose us again when dining out.  

Internal Operations: This is where we evaluate our culture based on how we interact as a team and work together to reach a common goal. This enables us to determine whether we are failing or executing our Mission.

We wish we could list all of our Operations team, but fortunately there are too many to name.  Thank You Op’s Team for All you do!

Office Team

James Geib, COO,

James has been in the restaurant industry for 35+ years.  His tenure with RTM Restaurant Group, where he was a V.P. and partner in 1,200 Arby’s franchise units throughout the US, gave him the tools, experience, and vision to successfully lead Capstone Concepts into the future.

Valerie Bolar, Controller,

Valerie has been with Capstone Concepts since April 2015 where she is responsible for the back office operations.  She received her Masters of Accountancy from Liberty University and is a Certified Professional Controller with 14 years of experience in the accounting sector.

Julie Stier, Accounting Clerk,

Julie has been with Capstone Concepts since October 2014. Julie handles all our accounts payable process, from invoice input to check distribution, daily sales input, and new vendor checks and balances.  Julie has a B.S. in Business Management from Indiana State University.

Mandy Edwards, Office Manager/Accounting AssT,

Mandy has been with Gatti’s pizza since 1997 where she worked her way from an hourly employee to a manager.  She continued to manage when she joined our team in 2012 and has since been promoted and serves in multiples departments including human resources, accounting, and benefits administration.

Nadim Jubran, Marketing and Business Development Manager,

Nadim has been with Capstone Concepts since January 2013. Nadim has worked in both restaurant concepts, with a more extensive role at First Watch.  He went to the University of Alabama where he earned a Business Major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. 



Please feel free to contact James Geib or Nadim Jubran with any further questions or concerns:

James Geib       865-405-6016  or  JGeib@capstoneconcepts.com

Nadim Jubran  865-300-4748  or NJubran@capstoneconcepts.com